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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Kobita _ James

  Am           F
Kobita tumi sopno-charini hoye

 G        Am
khobor neo na

 Am           F             G
Kobita, ei nishachor amai vebona

Sukher mohona

 Dm               B
Dekhbe amader valobasha

 C                B
hoye gese kokhon jeno

 C+     Em   Am
Poddo Patare jol

 Am                     Dm
Bedona shikto oshanto ei mon

Khuje fera metai proyojon

 Am                     Dm
Jotodur jane e byakul hridoy

 Dm                      Am
Nil bisher piyala moner badhon

 Am            Dm
Noyon govirye akina

 Dm                     Am
Nibirotar sowai ridoy protima

 Am                      Dm
Kothai harale bolo pabo tomai

Boshonte matal ami ek opurnota

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