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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ferarri Ei Monta amr (LRB- Aiuyb Bachhu)

Am        C       Am
Ferari ei monta amar

G               F
Manena Kono badha

C              Dm
Tomake pabari ashae

G              Am
Fire ashe bare bar

(1st verse)

Am       C       G
Kokhono bahbini ami

F            G          Am
Betha die shudhu chole jabe

Am          C        G
Kijani ke vul chilo amar

F           G        Am
Amake keno gele kadiye

F           G        Am
Tai ami fera ashi barebar

(2nd verse)

Am         C        G
Jepothe hariechi tomae

F          G        Am
Shei pothe ami fera jabo

Am         C        G
Oviman kore theko na

F          G        Am
Opobad diye jeonaa.

F          G         Am
Tai ami fera ashi barebar

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