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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kaal hoo naa hoo _ Sonu nigam

  Kaal hoo naa hoo _ Sonu nigam

 C                       Em
Har ghari badal rahi hai rup jindegi

 E                    Em
Sau hay kavi kavi hay rup jindegi

         F           C
Harpal yaha je var jeyo

         F   A#         C
Jo hay sama kal hoo na hoo

[same as above]

Chahe jo tumey puri dilsey
Milta hay wo mushkil say
Aisa jo koyi kahi hai
Duniya main sabse hasi hay

Uss haat koo tum thamlo
Ohh meheroba kaal hoo naa hoo

palko pay lekey saye
Samney koyi jo aye
Lakh samaley pagal dilko
Dil dharkey he jaye

Par sochlo esspal hai jo
Ohh dusta kaal hoo naa hoo 

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