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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Nil Doriya _ Arnob and friends

  C        Am          F    G    C
Ore nil doriya amai deray dey sariya

 C            Am          F     G            C
Bondhi hoiya monua pakhi haire kande roiya roiya

 C             Am          F        G          C
Kaser manush durey thuiya mori ami dhorforaiya re

 G             C       F     G
Darun jala dibanishi ontore ontore

      C         Am           F        G        C
Amar eto sadher mon bodhua hairay ki jani ki korey

 C            Am         F      G     C
Ore sampaner naiya amai dey re dey veraiya

 C            Am           F     G            C
Bondhi hoiya monua pakhi hairay kandey roiya roiya

 C           Am       F             G        C
Hoiya ami deshantori desh-bidashey virai tori ray

 G            C             F        G
Nongor feli ghatey ghatey bondoray bondoray

      C            Am
Amar moner nongor poira roisay

 F       G            C
Hairay sareng barir ghoray

 C            Am         F       G      C
Ei na potho dhoriya ami koto je gesi choliya

 C           A        F      G             C
Ekla ghoray monbodhua amar roisay pontho chaiya

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