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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Seje boshe asey_ Arnob

Seje boshe asey_ Arnob

 Em              B
Seje boshe asey eka eka

 C#m                A
Rongin swopno tar buntey

 Em              B
Seje cheye asey vora chokhey

 C#m                A
Janalar fakey megh dhortey

 Em               B
Tar gungun moner gan batasey urey

 A                  G#m
Kanpato mone pabey suntey

 F#m                            B
Tar ronger tulir nache meghera sutay

 A                     B
Chokh melo jodi paro bujtey

[Same as above]

Seje boshe ase eka eka
Tar swopner karkhana cholsey
Ar buro buro megheder dol
Bristy namar tal gunsey

Sei gun gun moner gan
Bristy namai, top-top fota porey onekkhon
Sei bristy veja mone dak deyesay
veja kak hoye thak amar mon
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